20 January 2009

Need I Say "I Told You So?"


A Los Angeles Times' headline captures the new trend I was expecting to surface: "Throw a shoe, sing for peace: Protesters gather in D.C." I knew that shoe-throwing Iraqi reporter was on to something big when I first read about the silly stunt of hurling his shoe at President Bush last month at a Baghdad press conference. Apparently throwing a shoe at an inflatable effegy of W has a bit of a cathartic effect on the thrower. According to the article, "Everyone who threw shoes smiled and giggled in spite of themselves." It's hard for me not to giggle just thinking about it.

Maybe this is a good thing. Not throwing shoes at real, live (heavily guarded) people, no matter what your opinion of them, but the release of the anger and frustration of the past eight years of political upheaval, government gaffs, and economic exploitations. Or anything else that annoys you. Go outside, kick off a shoe and hurl it at a pillow, if you don't have a blow-up doll handy. If you do have a blow-up doll lying around, perhaps you should seek more serious therapy OR set up a place for the whole neighborhood to hurl shoes at things/people that enrage/annoy/perturb or generally make them feel crazy inside. What a great way to meet people, make friends, and let off steam without breaking any laws or causing anyone bodily harm. They could be block shoe-hurling parties.

Of course, I'll have to offer the normal disclaimers lest someone come after me later waving litigation papers in my face, so here goes: Don't engage in any physical activity without first consulting your medical doctor (he may want to join you anyway). And you know, do it on private property and make sure no one gets hurt.

As for the karmic repercussions of shoe hurling? I'd say you're on your own there. But you might want to consider throwing that shoe in love. You are throwing something out there to the universe, so beware that it might throw something back. Forewarned is forearmed, and you may not be as good at ducking as Bush has proven himself to be.

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