25 May 2009

Trip to Alki Beach with Facebook Friend

(Reprinted from my other blog http://allgoodnewsalldaylong.com for May 24, 2009)

I got the wonderful opportunity today to meet up with one of my Facebook friends, Kerstin, who lives in Germany. I've only ever interacted with her on Facebook, but she let me know when her airline (Lufthansa) was coming to Seattle so we could meet. I went over on the Bainbridge ferry this morning and picked her up at her hotel. I found out that she loves pizza, so I took her to my favorite pizza place in Seattle (Pegasus on Alki Beach). We walked along the waterfront for a while in the beautiful sunshine, talking and getting to know one another a little bit. I want to share some photos of what we saw today. There are a lot more on Facebook, if you happen to be there too. Thanks, Kerstin, for being willing to meet up with a virtual stranger today and leave at the end of the day with a new friend.

Seattle Skyline from Alki Beach (Photo by Beth Mitchum)

Seattle Skyline (Photo by Beth Mitchum)

Tacoma Narrows Bridge (Photo by Kerstin Oswald)

Mount Rainier from I-5 South of Seattle (Photo by Kerstin Oswald)

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