16 February 2013

Seen Dancing Kindle Now on Sale Worldwide

My newly released collection of spiritual essays is now on sale in Kindle format worldwide. If you prefer and a different digital format, please email bookshopwithoutborders@gmail.com to make arrangements for Kobo and Nook sale prices via PayPal. Seen Dancing is a collection of blogs and journal entries on a spiritual theme along the mystical line rather than a religious one. I have no time for religion in my life, but there is plenty of room for spirituality. I have a tendency to move through life being led by my heart and intuitive nudges. I definitely dance to the beat of a different drummer, and I love the dance of life.

Beth Mitchum is the author of six novels, two collections of poetry, one collection of biographical essays, and one music CD. She is also the editor and contributing poet in the Sappho's Corner Poetry Series, which now includes: Tulips Touching and Wet Violets. All of her works are available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, BethMitchum.com, BookshopWithoutBorders.com, and many other online bookstores. They are also available by special order through nearly any independent book store. Go to http://bethmitchum.com for more information or to her author page at Amazon.com. First chapters of her novels and memoirs are available at bethmitchum.com.

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