20 May 2014

Autographed Copies of Driftwood and High Tide Available as a Set

Signed and personalized copies of Driftwood and High Tide are available as a set for $30 (free shipping in the USA) if you order directly through the author and/or UltraVioletLove Publishing. Ignore what it says on the right about prices with Priority Mail. Click the button pay via PayPal or email uvlpublishing@gmail.com for shipping and other payment options. The set comes with free matching bookmarks. If you live outside of the US, please email me at the address above and I'll see what I can do to get you a similar deal near you. Countries with an Amazon warehouse near them can order the title through their local Amazon, and I will mail them a matching bookmark and an autographed sticker to put on the inside cover of their book if they send me an email with a request.

14 May 2014

High Tide: A Sequel to Driftwood has been released!

High Tide: A Sequel to Driftwood is out now! 
 You can interact and/or follow the author on her personal Facebook page as well as her fan page. She is also on Twitter and Google+ if you'd like to follow her there.

02 February 2014

Bio and Title List

About the Author

Beth Mitchum is back in Central Florida after spending nearly 18 years in the Seattle area. She lived in and around Seattle from 1993 to 2010 and again for six months in 2012. While she lived in multiple places all around Puget Sound, her favorite nesting spot was on the Kitsap Peninsula, where she was able to enjoy waterfront living and bald eagle watching most of the time she lived there. Before moving to Seattle, she spent 8 years in the Asheville, North Carolina area, a place of great beauty and folk art culture. While in Asheville, she received her master’s degree from UNC-Asheville. Before moving to North Carolina in 1985, she lived in Lakeland, Florida, where she attended college, landed her first great job, and found the first of many cool living spaces, which show up occasionally in her books. Beth grew up in Winter Park, Florida, a European-style city in the heart of Central Florida. She lives with her four cats, who are the joy of her life.
Follow Beth’s work and life at BethMitchum.com. You can interact with her on Facebook and Twitter. Her books are available at Amazon’s international warehouses, Alibris, Barnes and Noble, CreateSpace.com, and bethmitchum.com, where you can order autographed copies from her online bookstore bookshopwithoutborders@gmail.com. Her books are also available via special order at any bookstore in the US that can order through Ingram. Her published works include: Driftwood, High Tide, Higher Love, In My Dreams, The Diary of Allie Katz, The Goddess Series, Books 1-3, Slices of My Life: So Far, bethwor(l)ds: 20 years of poetry, wor(l)ds of love, loss, and longing, and Driftwood: The Music.  She is also a contributing poet and the editor of the Sappho’s Corner Poetry Series and editor of the Sappho’s Corner Solo Poets Series.

Titles by Beth Mitchum

Titles Published by UltraVioletLove Publishing:

By Beth Mitchum:
High Tide: Sequel to Driftwood 
Higher Love
In My Dreams
The Diary of Allie Katz
Naked on the Beach (forthcoming)
If Wishes were Horses (forthcoming)

Poetry and Memoir:
bethwor(l)ds: 20 years of poetry
wor(l)ds of love, loss, and longing
Seen Dancing: Essays from the Heart
Slices of My Life: So Far
Slices of My Life: Still Standing (forthcoming)

Driftwood: The Music (companion music CD for the novel, Driftwood)
Three music videos available at bethmitchum.com and YouTube.com.

The Goddess Series:
Artemisian Artist: Book 1
Gaia’s Guardian: Book 2
Demeter’s Daughter: Book 3
Hestia’s Healer: Book 4 (forthcoming)

Sappho’s Corner Poetry Series edited by Beth Mitchum:
Tulips Touching: Sappho’s Corner Poetry Series, Volume 1
Wet Violets: Sappho’s Corner Poetry Series, Volume 2
Roses Read: Sappho’s Corner Poetry Series, Volume 3
Delectable Daisies: Sappho’s Corner Poetry Series, Volume 4 
Fallen Petals: Sappho's Corner Poetry Series, Volume 5 (forthcoming)

Sappho’s Corner Solo Poets Series (Edited by Beth Mitchum)
Wor(l)ds of Love, Loss, and Longing by Beth Mitchum
Out of the Darkness by Jin Robinson
The Finley Human Experience by Monique Finley
Blushing Aspen by Kieran York 

Other Poetry from UltraVioletLove Publishing:
Black and White and  All Shades of Grey by Giovanna Calligaris