Golden Crown Literary Society

My First GCLS Con Experience 2011
I was already a member of GCLS by 2010, but I really knew very little about the organization. I’m not a joiner, so even though I was a member, I was clueless about how worthwhile the “cons” were. Since I had moved from the Seattle area back to the Orlando area late the summer before, I was surprised to learn that the GCLS cons had been being held in Orlando. It couldn’t get any easier for me really. I had a half hour commute to and from the event, so it was easy and inexpensive enough to attend. Since I’m an author whose first four novels had been released while I was working for Waldenbooks, nearly all of my early book sales were at mainstream malls in the Seattle area. I figured it would be good to touch base with other lesbian writers and readers, a lot of whom I’d met already on Facebook. I was truly amazed at how much fun and how informative the con was. I was very impressed that so many readers attended. I figured it would mostly be writers. I was as pleased to meet the readers in person as I was to meet the other authors in person. 
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